Frequently Asked Questions

The app’s accuracy at recognizing words can be effected by the audio volume, the clarity of the speaker and by the amount of ambient noise.

Speech recognition is not perfect and the recognizer will sometimes refine its translation after a short period of time, which can change the word count results.

From the Saved Recordings screen, swipe a recording row to the left. You can also tap “Edit” at the top and select rows for deleting. If you tap a recording to display the results, you can also delete it by tapping the trash icon.

Different apps accept different kinds of information when attempting to share data between applications. “Like, Wow!” offers a text summary and an image. Most apps will accept one or both of those. If you aren’t seeing an app you expect to see, try copying the data to the clipboard, and then pasting it into the app.

Long press the share button and a context menu will appear. Select "Share audio file" and you can export the audio file to apps that will accept it, such as Voice Memos or Mail. You can also save the audio file to the Files app.

“Like, Wow!” is available as a free app but the free version has two limitations: recordings are limited to one minute and you cannot choose a different word or phrase to recognize. However, “Like, Wow!” offers a one-time in-app purchase to remove these limitations and unlock all functionality in the app. From the Settings screen, choose the “Phrase to recognize” setting and tap the “Unlock” button to unlock the app and remove those restrictions.

LWR, or the “like-to-word ratio”, is the number of times the word “like” (or whatever phrase you have selected) is recognized divided by the total number of words recognized. LPM, or “likes-per-minute”, is the number of the times the word is recognized over time. These metrics are used to determine your “score” in the app.


Yes, “Like, Wow!” is a free app, but it includes two additional features that can be unlocked with a one-time in-app purchase. Unlocking the app removes the one-minute duration limit on recordings and also allows selection of a number of different phrases to recognize in addition to “like”.

At this point, I feel like I’m repeatig myself, but here goes: the one-time in-app purchase removes the one-minute duration limit on recordings and allows the selection of different phrases to recognize, besides the word “like”.

If you bought a new phone, or deleted “Like, Wow!” and reinstalled it, this can happen. You can simply restore your purchase by trying to buy it again. Tap the Settings icon, tap on “Phrase to recognize”, tap the “Unlock” button and then tap the “Restore” button.

Yes, “Like, Wow!” works on iPhones and iPads that are capable of running iOS 14.5 or higher.

Unfortunately, “Like, Wow!” is currently available only in English. Please send feedback if you’d like to see support for additional languages.

No, “Like, Wow!” does not save any information to the cloud or to any other servers off of the device. Audio recordings are saved with the application on the device and removed when a recording is deleted from the Saved Recordings screen. If the app is deleted from the device, all saved recordings are deleted along with the app. Please see “Like, Wow!”’s Privacy policy for additional information. If you have elected to share developer information (Settings, Privacy, Analytics & Improvements, Share With App Developers) some anonymous crash and usage information is made available.

That’s the thing about FAQs - they only answer the frequently asked questions. But you can submit your question through the app (Settings, Send Feedback) and I’ll do my best to answer your question promptly, and maybe even add it to this list!

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